All You need to Know about Static

In this post we will discuss all about Static Keyword. Static in general means something which is fixed, singular, stable, steady and unchanged.

In C# Static keyword can be used with following:

  • Variables/Fields
  • Classes
  • Constructors
  • Methods
  • Properties

In this article we will cover each of them one by one. Additionally this article also tackles various misconceptions or questions regarding static which can help you in understanding the concept a bit better. Continue reading


How to use ajax in web forms if application xhtmlConformance mode is set to Legacy in web config

If xhtmlConformance mode is set to legacy in web config then, to use ajax or ajax enabled controls in application really becomes a pain.

There are two ways in which you can use ajax in your application: Continue reading

Write commands to serial port from c# application

In one of my projects I needed to use a DEVICE which used serial port to communicate with any other application. Hence from my C# application I had to somehow send commands to that device in order to operate it.
Now that device used to run on COM Port i.e. Serial Port. Serial port understand commands in ascii format or byte arrays.
This particular device used to connect to serial port through ASCII Commands. Lets see how we can achieve this.

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How to send Push Notifications from C# Application to iOS Devices. (PushSharp API)

We can send push notifications to iOS Devices from our c# Application by making use of a simple & effective c# Library called PushSharp. This Library is open source & can be downloaded from Nuget Package Manager as well. This library can be used to send push notifications to not only iOS device, but also windows, android & blackberry devices.

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How to prepare application setup to make it ready for future upgrades using Installshield LE & Visual Studio 2012

When I was working on one of my projects, I encountered an issue in updating the setup of application which is already installed. Client wanted to have the new setup to install newer version of application without asking the user to remove the existing installed application i.e. older version. So basically the newer version should remove the older version and install newer version automatically without user’s intervention.

There is no straight or prescribed way of doing so using Installshield. It took a lot of R & D over internet to finally arrive to a working solution for same. Hence here I am sharing the same solution so that other people doesn’t need to struggle as much as we did for this fairly simple problem. Let’s dig in… Continue reading