Add Watermark to PDFs using iTextSharp

This tutorial focuses on how you can use iTextSharp in c# projects to add watermark to your PDFs.Those of you who are not aware of iTextSharp, it is basically a .net PDF library which is used to create PDFs programmatically from .net Applications. You can also define some properties for pdf pages like headers/footers or watermarks etc through iTextSharp. Continue reading


How to send Push Notifications from C# Application to iOS Devices. (PushSharp API)

We can send push notifications to iOS Devices from our c# Application by making use of a simple & effective c# Library called PushSharp. This Library is open source & can be downloaded from Nuget Package Manager as well. This library can be used to send push notifications to not only iOS device, but also windows, android & blackberry devices.

Continue reading

How to prepare application setup to make it ready for future upgrades using Installshield LE & Visual Studio 2012

When I was working on one of my projects, I encountered an issue in updating the setup of application which is already installed. Client wanted to have the new setup to install newer version of application without asking the user to remove the existing installed application i.e. older version. So basically the newer version should remove the older version and install newer version automatically without user’s intervention.

There is no straight or prescribed way of doing so using Installshield. It took a lot of R & D over internet to finally arrive to a working solution for same. Hence here I am sharing the same solution so that other people doesn’t need to struggle as much as we did for this fairly simple problem. Let’s dig in… Continue reading

Background Worker Details & Usage

This is the next article in series of Threading in .Net Applications. This one explains about very simple yet effective tool known as Background Worker. Background worker is basically a component or a tool which can be used in Windows Forms. This tool gives you more control over data or processing intensive applications, it lets you do work in background while keeping the UI responsive. Continue reading